Here are some articles about physics I worte for my studies. Mainly I worte them for preparations for some tests or the diploma. They're neither complete nor consider them perfect in the sese that they don't contain errors. Additionally I used some special TeX-commands in my private environment that Latex2HTML doesn't know how to deal with. So sometimes there'll be probably some parts missing. You may get the original source from the link below. As these articles where originally thought only for my private use I wrote them in german. Some people suggested that I should set them into the web. Well here they are. NOTE: consider this page as "under construction". One problem is that my computer needs about one week to convert one of these papers. Just for your convenience: All papers where originally written in LaTeX on OS/2 Warp. They where converted using the famous LaTeX2HTML. If you want the sourcecodes from these documents you may find them here: To compile any of these documents you need also my Extras.TEX which contains some new environments and commands. Note as well that I use the international codepage 850 for these documents that is if you want to compile them on Unix-style system that you've to care about that. They conatain all funny chars like ä etc. in ther native form not as "a e.g.