The following binaries are needed to run Plucker on OS/2 Warp. Please refer to the documentation for what they're used. Addtionally check if you've allready installed some of them. None of these files is delivered with OS/2 Warp by default, but you might have used them for other purposes, and as the alltogether download is about 11MB...
  • Plucker Installer This is Plucker for OS/2 official distribution. It is created using WarpIn-Installer. That way it's easy to set up for even unexperienced users without the need to worry about which tools are necessary and how to set them up. This package includes really everything you need and will set up all parts the way they should. So, if you are an unexperienced user and/or you don't have anything for Plucker yet we advise you to get this package.
    This Package is based upon 1.0
    Note: In case you have any problems with this package please contact "Thorsten Ratzka"
    Note 2: This package contains a fix for Python for OS/2 enabeling zlib compression for Plucker even on OS/2. Thanks to Jeff for his quick support! (See below how to obtain this fix alone.)
    Filedate: 12/11/00, Filesize: 5.1MB
  • Plucker WPI Only Plucker but in the well known WPI format to use with WarpIN installer. This package is intended if you are upgrading form previous versions of Pllucker and/or if you have allready installed the necessary other applications (like Python etc.)
    NOTE: Please use the "Save as..." function of NetScape as this webserver does not know the mime type of wpi correctly. Sorry. Filedate: 12/08/00, Filesize: 527kB
  • Pilot-Link for OS/2 (bins only) This is Pilot-Link, the well-known interface package for your Palm wether you're running OS/2 or Unix. You need this package in order to run Plucker successfully.
    Filedate: 03/12/00, Filesize: 784kB
  • Perl for OS/2 Including the libraries to interface with your Palm. If you're unshure on how to install Perl-modules and you want to use Perl only to interface your Palm you're on the save side if you just download this package instead of the official Perl-distribution from This file contains the full distribution of Perl and also all modules needed to interface with your Palm.
    Filedate: 03/12/00, Filesize: 6495kB
  • Python for OS/2 This is a perfect copy of the original Python-distribution for OS/2. It is placed here for your convinience only so you don't have to search for "where the hell do I find snakes on the net?". (Well in fact you may find it here:
    Filedate: 03/12/00, Filesize: 2316kB
  • zlib-Support for Python In order to use the more efficient zlib-support of Plucker (resulting in smaller databases for sake of little performance while uncompressing) you need also this file. Python for OS/2 by default doesn't offer zlib-support. To install zlib for Python, copy the contained zlib.dll into your \python\lib\lib-dynlib directory. (The traditional name, which would be zlib.pyd causes some systems to trap, so it's named zlib.dll.) Additionally copy the contained version of z.dll into some directory within your libpath (e.g. \python.)
    Note: Don't forget to set the propriate setting to enable zlib-compression within Plucker.INI
    Note 2: Don't forget to install the SysZlib.prc delivered within recent Plucker versions to enable zlib decompression on your handheld. Note also that you need the latest version of the Plucker package to use this. So either use a direct snapshot of Plucker or get the full distribution above which will include all necessary tools to run ZLIB compression.
    Filedate: 08/09/00, Filesize: 58kB
  • ppm to TBMP-convertor This file contains the 4bit capable bugfixed version of the TBMP-convertor. This version is now included in all complete packages of the image convertors, so if you download the whole image convertor (regardless if netpbm or ImageMagick) you'll get it anyway and don't need to download this file. This file is meant for these of you allready running Plucker as an upgrade.
    NOTE: We really recommend that you upgrade this convertor even if your Palm isn't capable of displaying 4bit graphics! This convertor also incorporates a lot of small fixes and you'll get much better results using it.
    Filedate: 04/22/00, Filesize: 36kB
  • ImageMagick convertors We lately tried this package to use for image conversion. It offers several advantages over the old fashioned netpbm which you can still use. E.g. it seems to work a lot faster and more reliable than netpbm, so we currently suggest that you give it a try. We didn't run that much test with that tool till now so if you experience any problems please let us know. Especially till now we didn't run any test using 4bit graphics. This package contains only the Reamde and the necessary binaries needed to use ImageMagick together with Plucker. All necessary libs not included in the original distribution where added and we included the ppmtoTbmp-convertor needed by Plucker to write Palm-Bitmaps.
    NOTE: As we didn't decide to entirely move over to ImageMagick the default distribution of Plucker is still layed out for the use of netpbm. To give you immediate access to the new convertors this package includes a python-module called "". Please copy this file into \Plucker\parser\python\PyPlucker to replace the located there. If ImageMagick shows to be a better solution than netbpm and we decide to move over to that package this procedure will not be necessary
    Note: An earlier verision of this package you might have obtained from this server didn't inlcude all DLL's. Unfortunately they where not listed correctly within the docs. Sorry for the inconveniences. Hopefully we've now all DLL's together. Thanks to Jochen Jansen for the Beta-Test :-) Filedate: 04/26/00, Filesiez: 1.168kB
  • NetPBM and Plucker convertors You can use this package in order to get Graphics on your Palm. That is you don't need it if you pluck only pages that don't contain any graphics or if you're not interested in plucking the graphics as such. Using netbpm is the best choice if you need netpbm for any other tools anyway (e.g. using the famous Latex2HTML), but I'd suggest to use ImageMagick instead as it works faster and more reliable then netpbm as we found in latest testings. Note: The file dated 04/22/00 or later contain a new TBMP-converter which is capable of creating 4bit graphics. It is recommended to use this convertor as it also fixes some problems we found with the old version. Special thanks to Michael for the patches!
    Filedate: 04/22/00, Filesize: 977kB