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1.1.1 Device

Plucker will run on Palm Pro, Palm III, Palm IIIx/IIIe, Palm V, PalmVx, Handspring Visor, TRGPro and other Palm OS hand-held devices utilizing PalmOS 2.0 and higher.

Plucker requires 60 kB of free space for the viewer application and an additional 30 kB for the shared library if the ZLib compression should be used (only PalmOS 3.0 and higher can use the zlib compression).

Additional free space is required for your data and at run-time for decompression. An alert will be display if there is not enough free space on your device. Note that Plucker can use documents stored in Flash memory and on read-only expansion cards.

NOTE: The higher bit depth (more colors) you use for the images the more memory they will require, so it is recommended not to use higher bit depth than necessary. See below on how to influence the bit depth Plucker uses.

The Plucker Team