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3.4 Database Manager

To store all documents in only one database wouldn't be very flexible, so the viewer has support for multiple databases. By using the viewer's database manager you can switch between all the databases you have loaded on your device. To the right of each document are the creation date and the size (can be turned off using the buttons at the bottom). If there are more databases than can fit in the list a scrollbar will appear.

Figure 3.9: The Database Manager.

When you tap on the document icon in front of each database a pop-up list will appear providing you with different operations for the selected database:

Also, a tap on a database in the list will open it right away.

If the database is in flash (or read-only for some other reason) it is not possible to delete or rename it. The viewer will show an alert if you still try to perform such an action on the database.

The databases can be compressed either using the DOC method or ZLib. Support for the DOC method is included by default in the viewer so databases compressed with that method can always be viewed. ZLib compressed databases requires the ZLib shared library and if this library is not installed the viewer will alert the user about this. Palm OS 2.x devices can only handle DOC compressed databases.

Each database can be in one or several categories and it is possible to filter the list of databases by selecting what categories that should be shown.

Figure 3.10: The Category Screen.

In the category screen you can add, remove and rename categories. Tap on the pushbutton with the category name to toggle between hiding and showing the category. Check the box MULTIPLE SELECT to allow more than one category to be displayed at a time. To add a new category, tap on an empty pushbutton. The document icon next to each category provides you with the options to delete and rename a category. If you delete a category name, the databases filed under that name will become unfiled databases. To merge databases in different categories, rename one category to the other category name.

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